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I looked, but it wasn't there...

I'm terribly sorry, but the page you're looking for may have been removed, had it's name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.  Sometimes these things happen.

However, now you're here you can try the following:

  • If you typed the address directly into the address bar, make sure you spelled it correctly. Then sit down and write the address out twenty times
  • Open the home page, and look through the multitude of fascinating information for the link you wanted
  • Click the Back button to go back to where you came from
  • E-mail the webmaster for this website (yes, that's me), and let me know what you were looking for when it all went pear-shaped
  • Or you can simply put the kettle on, log off the internet, close down your computer and see what the real world has to offer. It can't be all bad. Milk, with two sugars please.

Now for the technical bit

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See, that wasn't too distressing now, was it?

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