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Photo of Tim holding a cocktail Hi, I'm Tim, currently living in Southampton, United Kingdom.

Some of my main passions are live music and stand-up comedy, but I'm also interested in family history research, literature and photography.

I love travelling around the country for music, meeting friends and making new ones, and enjoying all manner of cultural and unusual social events. I get involved with the digital world too - editing and moderating websites, and experimenting with new technology and services.

Comedy lover: I watch many old and new sitcoms, comedy dramas and quizcoms, but my main love is live stand-up comedy. Some of my favourite comedians include Dara O Briain, Dave Gorman, Robin Ince, Zoe Lyons, Mark Watson, Sarah Millican, Adam Hills, Ed Byrne, Susan Calman, Chris Addison, Russell Kane, Eddie Izzard, Roisin Conarty, Joe Lycett, Sandi Toksvig, Greg Davies and Tim Minchin.

Music fan: I'm a massive fan of live music, and follow a number of musicians and bands. I've a broad taste in music but some of my favourites include Duke Special, The Divine Comedy, Emily Maguire, Jarrod Dickenson, Me For Queen, Daisy Chapman, Ben Folds/Ben Folds Five, Beth Rowley, David Ford, gUiLLeMoTs, Clare Teal, Fyfe Dangerfield, Brooks Williams, The Duckworth Lewis Method, Scala & Kolacny Brothers and The Moody Blues.

Family historian: I've been researching my family history for over 15 years now, and enjoy the challenge of searching out new ancestors, information and social history. I'm a volunteer transcriber and have worked on projects with FreeBMD, National Library of Scotland, The National Archives, GB1900, Zooniverse, and Ancestry World Archives. I attend genealogy shows, lectures and conferences when I can, and am a member of Berkshire Family History Society, East Surrey FHS and Hampshire Genealogical Society. I've also started to undertake research for others, as well as providing guidance for people to trace their own family history. You can find out more about my own personal research on the Family History page.

Photographer: I take a lot of photos, whether they're of beautiful scenery, interesting architecture or amazing music gigs. I end up with many random, quirky snaps from my smartphone too. I've started to upload and share some of these sets, and they're available on my SmugMug gallery, Instagram feed and YouTube channel. There's also a few posted on my Twitter feed, especially of music gigs and events.

Merch seller & tour assistant: I've extended my love of live music by helping musicians sell their merchandise, or at the very least afford their petrol home! I provide an organised, trustworthy and friendly service, working well with artists, crew, promoters, managers and venue staff. I'm always looking out for the interests of artists and their fans first. I also help out on tour dates by running doors, selling tickets, load-in/out, front of house management and social media. You can find out more about the services I offer and the people I've worked with on the Tim Pardoe Merch page.

Event coordinator: For the last twelve years I've been a member of social, leisure & adventure organisation Spice Social, and for many of those years I've been involved with organising and coordinating events for members in the Thames Valley & Solent region. Spice put on events from cinema, theatre and meals out to archery, wing-walking and skiing, and I've made many great friends along the way. I currently host comedy events, space lectures, cultural and heritage events across the Solent, but I have a love for the more unusual events you wouldn't easily be able to organise with friends. I've been inside the stone circle at Stonehenge during sunset, enjoyed a private tour around Marwell Zoo at night, taken Sunday lunch at the famous Ronnie Scott's, danced around a kitchen set during an immersive performance of Alice in Wonderland, and been behind the scenes at the Royal Opera House!

Reader: I'm always reading something, whether its fiction, non-fiction, magazines, online news and articles. Some of my favourite novels are The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time (Mark Haddon), The Diary of a Young Girl (Anne Frank), Microserfs (Douglas Coupland), The Woman In White (Wilkie Collins), High Fidelity (Nick Hornby), Futuretrack 5 (Robert Westall) and The Chrysalids (John Wyndham).

Web enthusiast: I fell in love with the internet the very first time I went online in 1993, and have been involved in many different technologies since, including the web, usenet, IRC, instant messaging, web chat, forums, blogs, podcasting, wiki's, mobile apps, VOIP, video conferencing and social networking. As well as my own website, I run and edit For the Children, a site devoted to classic children's television in the UK. I also get involved with editing and moderating other websites, and experimenting with new technology and services.

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